Why Community Design Become A Design Trend Nowadays?

What is the community design trend?

International Scientific Conference on “Community Design – Vietnam Design Trends in 2025” held on April 10, 2019 at Van Lang University -HCM concluded that: Training fine arts and design needs a remarkable change toward “service learning”. Accordingly, it can be understood that the community design is the creation of art for the community and for people.

Both art and design are basically inspired by life and vice versa life is served by art and design. Community design is an inevitable trend of the development and commercialization of art – design, helping the artwork go beyond the limit of spiritual cultural values to become more useful in practice, serving the social needs and development.

Users’ behavior has shifted to online inquiries which means the design must meet new community criteria. Let’s take the Apple story as an example. Although established later, Apple has quickly empowered itself with a strong investment in configuration, interface and aesthetics of the product. Apple has become the ideal choice for modern users with full functional products, powerful configuration as well as a luxurious and beautiful interface and new technology approach.

User interaction: foundation of community design

Art in general or contemporary design, in particular,   participation and interaction between the audience and the artist or the artwork, makes the art become closer to the public than ever before with the role of community serving. The mission to serve the community of contemporary design can be clearly imagined through trends such as contemporary art, service design, interactive design. Among them, community design can be clearly seen in interactive art and designs such as movies, photographs, plays, app, web … – applicable products that are highly interactive with users. For example, the design of online shopping websites, product, interface, app design or branding requires designers to grasp the trends that are attracting users, understand their target customers: what colors and styles they love, know how to attract their attention and interest, persuade them to buy products or use the service,  use aesthetics aspect  as one of the factors to earn customer loyalty for the brand.

Designing cartoon characters, games, … with 3D technology.

Based on of community serving standards, contemporary design makes the art more popular in life, meets the requirements of using, exchanging and raising awareness of people so that the quality of life of modern society will be improved. Products created by inspiration from a diverse and lively world itself are popularly used in various needs of daily life.

Despite its on- going innovation and development, the design always revolves the two basic needs: the realistic needs and aesthetic, spiritual needs. In modern society, with the advent of advanced technologies, inspiration for designing applicable products is limitless, catering to all aspects of life, creating high commercial value for art products.

Van Lang students experience community design

With great international cooperation in recent years, Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts of Van Lang University has brought more opportunities for lecturers and students to approach the development trends of contemporary design.

Van Lang University’s students in Graphic Design experience virtual reality technology with modern VR devices.

For example, from 24-29 of June, 2019, Mr. Nguyen Dac Thai – Deputy Head of Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts guided and accompanied two students Le Thi Minh Thy and Kieu Vu Hoang Anh (Graphic Design) to participate in the International Integrated Design Camp 2019 – IIDC) held at Korea Design Center – Seoul.

IIDC 2019 was sponsored by Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy for lecturers and students in the design, technology and environmental engineer to create impressive products to serve the community. IIDC participants are expected to gain the ability to design solutions for human’s future, sustainability and ecology; approach the current technology at work in a multicultural structure and with many academic disciplines. Within a week of the camp, Kieu Vu Hoang Anh and 06 international students designed BABOOM smart bracelet to take care of the mother after giving birth, control sudden changes in baby’s movement, baby’s heartbeat, sleep cycle, or mood. As for Le Thi Minh Thy’s group, they found out ways to ensure safety for immigrants through the idea of ​​alarm lights with heat induction software which could create virtual circles on the wall.

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The community design is forecast to be an important trend in design field, connecting designers in various fields such as technology, architecture, environment, media, … At that time, the designer needs to take advantage and exploit the aesthetic aspect from life, bringing the artistic value of the product in parallel with the community, making the products interactive, friendly, and helpful for users.

In 2020, Van Lang University continues to coordinate with the Korean Society of Science and Art and HanDong University to organize a big International Conference on Art & Design. The content of the exhibition is about artwork such as paintings, fashion design, product design, graphic design, interior design, jewelry design, highlighting the trend of the application of modern technology in new designs: user interaction design products, AI, 3D printing technology, app design on phones, … This is also the first time that an international exhibition on design is organized online for the public to enjoy the artwork. The exhibition will open from December 12, 2020 at the address http://icad.vanlanguni.edu.vn