On 12 May, 2020 Van Lang University has officially started “International Conference on Arts and Design ICAD 2020 (online version), the exhibition has gathered nearly 400 works of art by experts and students from 13 countries.

The event, hosted by Van Lang University, accompanied by the Korean Research and Design Association and Handong Global University, first has welcomed the participation of 13 countries (Australia, China, Colombia, Germany, Ghana, India, Iran, Japan, Laos, Korea, Mongolia, USA, Vietnam), with 164 works of art and 23 research papers by individuals and groups of experts, painters, designers, researchers; 172 works by individuals and groups of students from design departments of 11 Korean and Vietnamese universities. The event has been considered to be the largest international art design exchange exhibition ever held in Vietnam, especially hosted by a university.

Enjoying online exhibition during COVID-19

With the spirit of distancing the society, but not the love of art, designers, painters, and experts have introduced various art and design items, such as paintings, fashion designs, product design, graphic design, sculpture … at the website: https://icad.vanlanguni.edu.vn.

ICAD 2020 has opened online freely for art lovers who can enjoy works, exchange ideas and study in the field of design, fine arts, and learn new design trends.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, ICAD 2020 could not be held at a large-scale exhibition at our campus, but Van Lang University said the online exhibition format also helped the event expand its reach to the public without limited time and space.
The online exhibition website is designed impressively and attractively, each work is detailed in English – Vietnamese. Here, the public can vote and comment on the works they feel interested.

Within the agenda of  ICAD 2020, in the morning of May 12, 2020, Van Lang University organized an online chat livestream with the organizers, discussing the story “Promoting Vietnamese design brand”.

Talkshow “Promoting Vietnamese design brand”  at Van Lang University

Promoting Vietnamese design brand

With two major contents: Fine Art and Applied Art, ICAD 2020 does not  only focus on art exhibition but also the experience of community service design, design technology applications, interactive design with users, …

Most designers have shown a new design thinking, moving beyond the individual creative personality to reach the goal of serving the community (art for society). This concept is very compatible with the prominent design trend in the last 5 -10 years of the world, which integrates design with many other fields to create new products and change user’s behaviors. .

Highlights of experts and students  at  ICAD 2020

Dr. Ma Thanh Cao – former director of Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum, said: “The current design trend is for the community and sustainable social development.

In Vietnam, this is quite new and limited compared to other countries in the region and around the world. The fastest way to make progress is to learn, exchange and cooperate internationally. Attending the ICAD 2020 is a good opportunity for Vietnamese artists, designers and students. ”

As Deputy Head of the Department of Industrial Fine Arts at Van Lang University, Master and Artist – Nguyen Dac Thai said: “By observing the exchange activities of the faculty, I realize that we can now be proud that Vietnam design industry has stepped out of the territory, integrated with countries in Asia; proud that we have received design orders of countries in the world. This is a breakthrough of art design at the present and in the future “.

ICAD 2020 is also an opportunity for young designers, for the Vietnamese design industry in general and for students of the industrial arts department of Van Lang University in particular. Over the last years, Department of Industrial Fine Arts of Van Lang University has a strategic cooperation with Korea – the world’s design leader – to help students approach new trends and prove their creative competency in a very specific field.

Van Lang University is the pioneer to implement applied art training, with 4 majors: fashion design; graphic design, interior design, product design (industrial design). Currently, Van Lang is one of the leading architectural and fine arts training institutions in Vietnam, which many students come to learn.

Students of the Industrial Fine Arts Department are encouraged to participate in specialized contests in and out of the country; be able to create and design products and participate in many art exhibitions.