Van Lang University hosts the ICAD 2020 event – the largest international exhibition on art and design in Vietnam

Tomorrow, on May 12th, 2020, online International Conference of Art and Design ICAD 2020 will officially open, offering free access for the public. This is an event hosted by Van Lang University, with the collaboration with Korean Society of Science and Art and Handong University.

Without the Covid-19 outbreak, lecturers and students of Van Lang University woul be enjoying the largest international exhibition on art and design in Vietnam so far in February 2020 at Campus 3. ICAD 2020 attracts 164 works of art, 23 research articles by individuals and groups of experts, painters, designers, researchers from 13 countries (Australia, China, Colombia, Germany, Ghana, India, Iran, Japan, Laos, Korea, Mongolia, USA, Vietnam), and 172 individual and group works from students of 11 universities in Korea and Vietnam.

With this scale, ICAD 2020 is considered the largest international exhibition on art and designever held in Vietnam, especially hosted by a university. This is a special event that can help Vietnamese design industry to position its brand and also as for the majors in design of Van Lang University to shape its development strategy and approach the contemporary design trend.

After many months of preparation, ICAD 2020 has achieved great achievements in the art and design field. In particular, the design field attracts lots of authors and students from 11 universities, mostly from Korea and Vietnam. Talking about the quality of the artwork in ICAD 2020, Mr. Nguyen Dac Thai- Deputy Head of Van Lang University’s Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts shared: “All the students, including students of Van Lang University Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts, have quickly approached new design trends and impressed the  Organizing Committee by their unique creativity as well as skillful technique.”

Some typical works of experts and students participating in ICAD 2020

ICAD 2020 is not only a simple art or graphic exhibition but also real experience of community design, is the space for applicable design using technology, user interaction design, … Most designers have demonstrated their new design thinking which goes beyond personal creative personality to reach the goal of serving the community (art for society). This direction is very consistent with the trend of popular design in the last 5 -10 years – Design Thinking, which integrates design into many other areas to create new product lines and change users’ behavior and the face of modern society.

To join with international friends, lecturers and students of Van Lang University Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts Department have actively participated in all 4 creative fields: Product Design (Industrial Design), Graphic Design, Fashion Design, and Interior Design. In particular, the fashion works of Van Lang’s students which have achieved aesthetic and unique creative personality seem to be outstanding compared to international friends. The key products of Van Lang focus on industrial design industry (jewelry design, ceramic design, …) and interactive media graphics- which are also exceptional and artistic.

In April 2019, Van Lang University’s Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts successfully organized IADW Workshop, attracting 77 painters, designers, international educators and 33 famous Vietnamese painters and designers.

Online version

Due to the complicated situation of Covid-19 pandemic, the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts decided to collaborate with the Communications Office of Van Lang University to organize the online version of ICAD 2020 for all art lovers. The online exhibition will open from May 12, 2020 at the website address By visiting the site, viewers are free to enjoy the artwork, read research and news, look up the author, vote and comment for the work they are interested in.

Online version” of ICAD 2020

In addition to online exhibition activities, on May 12th 2020, Van Lang University will hold an live talk show with ICAD 2020 Organizing Committee and discuss about  “Expanding Vietnamese design brand”. The discussion will be broadcast live on Fanpage of Van Lang University from 10am – 11.30am on May 12th 2020. More than 400 works of art and 23 research papers of ICAD 2020 have also been collected in the exhibition publications (international publication number ISSN 2713-9840) with more than 400 pages. Each author, artist, and researcher will received a book and ICAD 2020 certificate of participation  issued by the Korean Society of Science and Art and Van Lang University.


Mai Yen