Van Lang university cooperates with Korea – one of the world’s leading countries in Design

Design – the strength of Korea

In recent years, Korea has supported a lot of activities for businesses and universities in Vietnam to develop design skills and brand development to promote businesses and serve teaching and developing the Design Industry. Through activities, workshops, forums with Korean experts and artists, Vietnam has exchanged experiences and promoted Design along with economic and social culture development.

Design focuses on interpreting the message visually. Design plays a role of aestheticizing social products, improving the aesthetic level of the people and contributing to economic competition. In the modern world, design has become an inseparable part of brands in South Korea. To enter the relentless competition, businesses put all efforts and accelerated on the track and design is an important factor of winning the brand market.

Some Korean design works in ICAD 2020 Exhibition (from left to right, from top to bottom): Combination (3D Printing Ceramic) by Kim, Yi Yeon (Kangwon University), jewelry design “Step – ⅤⅨⅨⅦ “by Lee, Jae Hoon; IOT Electric Charging Station of Seok, Jae Heuck (Keimyung University).

The Korean government and businesses have predicted: Design will be one of the most crucial factors of the economy. Immediately after the crisis, therefore, South Korea stepped up its investment in design, which helped Korean economy grow strongly and Korea was named the Design Center of Asia and is one of the world’s leading Design countries. In other words, it can be said that Design is a tool to help Korea achieve miraculous growth.

Korea has promoted investment and development of the design industry, associated with the growth and development of large companies, corporations, multinational operations such as Hyundai, Samsung …, to reach out to the world and constantly grow to the present.

As a pioneer in Asian Design with creative designs including 3D printing, LEDs, advertising, technology products, etc. Korea has continuously invested and developed Design, and then made admirable achievements. Koreans have a high view of the design with neat and very methodical style. Each Korean work has its own signature with the mix of modern and traditional design to create familiarity in creativity, complication in simplicity.  There is a common point of Korean Design is always putting consumers first, the products designed must also conform to reality and be well received by consumers.

With the continuous improvements of science and technology to combine with the design works in a harmonious way, create a unique difference, and bring a distinct color, Korea has become the world’s leading country in Design. Based on impressive achievements, Korea is now actively sharing experiences, supporting cooperation with countries around the world to bring Design to a new level.

Cooperation with Korea – the strategic path of Van Lang Fine Arts

In 2014, the faculty of Industrial Fine Arts , Van Lang University and the faculty of Communication Design & Industry of HanDong University officially became partners. Since 2015, Van Lang University has resonated in Korea when continuously exhibiting successfully the Graduation Project of Graphic Design students in Kimchi country. 2019 is the fourth year that Van Lang University is present at Handong University’s graduation exhibition. In addition, the two schools have jointly implemented many activities for students such as academic exchanges, exchanges, and community projects for Ho Chi Minh City. From these activities, Some Korean companies and businesses started paying attention to Van Lang’s art students.

Exhibition of design products of students in Graphic Design, Van Lang University at Handong University (Korea), 2018.

Currently, the faculty of Industrial Fine Arts of Van Lang University has been known by many design schools in Korea as a connection point with Vietnam, opening up many opportunities for Van Lang and for students. Over the past years, the faculty of Industrial Fine Arts has had cooperation projects with Korean companies such as Samsung Korea, Cebien sanitary equipment company … through user research projects, research on trends and market sentiment to support Korean companies who want to access the Vietnam market.

In the future, the faculty of Industrial Fine Arts-Van Lang University will continue to carry out community-based design projects supported by the Korean government. This is an opportunity for Van Lang teachers and students to join larger projects with the international experts and deepen specialization in the field of design with many current top trends.

In addition, according to Mr. Nguyen Dac Thai – Vice Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts from Văn Lang University: “Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts is cooperating very well with KookMin University (top 5 leading universities in the field of design in Korea) to organize annual workshop activities at Van Lang University and Kookmin University, and open up opportunities for Vietnamese students to interact with other design backgrounds and promote Vietnam’s image to the world. .

Associate Professor Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – Rector of Van Lang University (photo, left) presents souvenirs to HanDong University’s lecturers and students, represented by Dr. Lee Jin Koo, 2017

Mr. Phan Quan Dung – Head of faculty of Industrial Fine Arts of Van Lang University said that Korea and Vietnam have many interesting similarities in the field of design. Like Vietnam, Korea’s design industry originated from Industrial Design / Product Design. In the world, the Industrial Design industry has also proved to be dominant in the field of design, because it integrates fine arts and other industries such as engineering, technology, media, … to create products which meet new needs. The outstanding applicability in design training is also an important similar basis for Van Lang to persevere in the direction of strategic cooperation with Korea in training industrial arts.

In 2020, the International Conference on Art and Design will continue to be an event organized by Van Lang University in collaboration with the Korea Research and Design Association, Handong University. It is also a meaningful event in exchanging, cooperating, promoting Design development. The large-scale exhibition, with more than 400 works by experts and students, will give viewers a unique, artistic experience.

Ms. Eune Juhyun, President of the Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) said: “In the 4th industrial revolution, academic and industrial convergence will be very important in different fields such as design, humanities, society and science. The Korea Science & Arts Association has been involved in multidisciplinary research, and came to the conclusion that design has an impact on each industry. Through ICAD 2020, designers can expand design exchange and cooperation, contributing to the development of design and education for both countries.”

ICAD 2020 (online International Conference  on Art and Design)  officially opened at the website on May 12, 2020.

Admiring 400 works created by experts and students from 13 countries around the world such as Korea, USA, UK, China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam … at ICAD online exhibition is a valuable experience for those who love the art of design and want to learn the new design trends.