Van Lang Fashion Design students showed their excellent creativity at the ICAD 2020

ICAD (International Conference on Art & Design) is an annual exhibition of international design exchanges organized by the Korean Society of Science and Art. ICAD 2020 is co-organized by the Korean Society of Science and Art, Handong University and Van Lang University, attracting artists, designers and students from 13 countries and territories to work together to exchange academic knowledge in the field of art and design.

It’s the first time that students of Fashion Design – Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts of Van Lang University confidently participated in the exhibition with  products and works with friends in area. It can be seen that the students of Van Lang Fashion Design department are interested in many social issues with diverse design fields and perspectives as well abundant expression skills; In particular, each work has its own personality, conveying clear personal messages.


Students of Fashion Design Department of Van Lang University have participated in ICAD 2020 with their best works which clearly show their personal view of creativity, ability to find ideas and develop products, and expression techniques, whether they are applied or artistic designs. This result comes from  the long learning and training process in an environment where students are given the spiritual and physical condition to freely unleash their potential, to look for personal ego which is totally different and mature every day.


It is noticeable that  the fashion products have shown the diversity in creative topics, from natural topics such as flowers, animals to topics of war, memory, culture, painting, even subjects that seem unfamiliar for fashion like zoombie or human meat have been successfully adapted by students into fashion works, showing their ability to sense and effectively convey its specialized language.

Human meat project

There is a wide range of products of Van Lang Fashion Design students participating in ICAD 2020 from everyday applied designs to art costumes as well as designs that cover both applicability and artistry. The street wear or simple office clothes such as LADALAT by Nguyen Khai Tam, HIPPOGIFFS STORIES by Huynh Thanh Nhan, FIANCEEE ‘ byDang Tran Tri, … was made perfectly. Artistic designs show creative personal perspectives and expression techniques such as HUMAN MEAT by Dao Minh Hieu, EM NAM by Le Thi Thuy Linh, JELLY FISH by Kieu Gia Han, ZNUMBE XIX by Ngo Gia Han, FLEUR E’TRANGE by Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao …

JELLY FISH project by Kieu Gia Han


EM NAM by Le Thi Thuy Linh


Van Lang students also brought to the exhibition the costumes with design trend of recycling, reusing old materials, and protecting the environment such as DAS LA VIE by Nguyen Minh Tri, THE SSTRIPP by Nguyen Doan Bao Minh, which shows that young people really care about the global issues and every student can contribute their efforts for the common goal.


DAS LA VIE by Nguyen Minh Tri


The graduation project collection is a noticeable part of the art works that students of Van Lang brought to this year’s ICAD. With lessons and skills learned, in combination with their personal style, students were finally able to show their best in the creative, artistic and practical works with rich and proficient skills. These are clearly shown in TAN by Nguyen Thi Diem My, BRILLIANT NATURE by Pham Thi Van.


TAN  project by Nguyen Thi Diem My



It is clearly that every aspect of life is perceived by students and transformed into fashion language ​​in very own ways. The strong creative personality and the ability to apply the techniques in diverse and skillful products are  two factors that make the costume outstanding in quality at ICAD 2020. That’s the way our Fashion Design students introduce their creative ego to the public.


Ms. Le Thi Thanh Nhan


Head of Fashion Design Departmment

Van Lang university