Congratulatory message from the Chief Marketing Director of KIDP, Eune Ju Hyun

Xin Chao, I am Eune Juhyun, President of the Korea Institute of Design Promotion.

I would like to sincerely celebrate ICAD 2020, hosted by The Korean Society of Science and Art, and organized by Vanlang University and Handong University.

ICAD 2020 is the meaningful event in that designers can expand design exchanges and cooperation, as contributing to the development of the design industry and education for both countries.

In the 4th industrial revolution, academic and industrial convergence would be very important in various fields such as design, humanities, society and science. The Korean Society of Science & Art has been involved in multidisciplinary research, contributing that design has an effect on each industry.

As KIDP marks the 50th anniversary this year, 2020, we would make more efforts to perform a role as a bridge between cultural art and technology field. We also have been carrying out design collaborative activities with Asian countries through, ‘Asian Design Sharing Council’ since 2011, and now striving to establish additional design center in Ho Chi Minh City following Hanoi in Vietnam.

We hope that JCAD would be developed into a broader venue for international knowledge exchange in design, arts, science and many different fields, with many different countries, in the years to come.

Thank you.