Congratulatory message from the Chairman – Lee Jin Koo

I am Lee Jin Koo from Korean Society of Art & Design and I am the head of the judging panel of this year’s competition and also the Chairman of the Exhibition Committee of ICAD 2020 (International Conference on Art & Design 2020).

In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, art and design are the core of convergence in culture and industry. Therefore, this year’s International Conference on Art & Design exhibition has a significant meaning in that a total of 400 works of both experts and students from 13countries could have been exhibited.

Now and forever, let us be Category Strategists, not more Fast Followers and Contents creators of convergence toward the future and lastly true First Movers.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who have collaborated for the successful management of the conference. I would like to thank Vanlang University, KIDP (Korea Institute of Design Promotion),  and various organizations, universities and companies that have cooperated with us in Vietnam and South Korea.

Thank you.

Lee, Jin Koo

Chairman of the committee,  Professor of Handong Global University